Dead Places

Have you ever read a well-known Scripture,

thinking you had mined all the gems of Truth buried in it

only to have “AHA!” moment

where you realized you had missed oh, so much of what was there?

That has been my recent experience

with the account of the raising of Jesus’ dear friend Lazarus,

found in the 11th chapter of the Gospel of John.

Jesus appeared to be

an adopted member of the family of Lazarus

and his two unmarried sisters,

Mary and Martha.

Their home in Bethany was a place

where He could

kick off His sandals and rest;

a place of food,


and affection

… a place to retreat

from literally bearing the weight of the world

on His shoulders.

The three siblings were devoted to His teachings,

but they were also committed to HIM,

their friend,

their brother.

Lazarus became gravely ill

and the sisters sent word for Jesus to come.

They said, “Lord, the one you love is sick.”

In other words this is not

some crazy demoniac,

an unknown leper in a crowd…

…this is Lazarus,

your dear friend,

your bud.

And they both knew

this would be easy

for Jesus to take care of.

He would arrive

and simply a word

and their brother,

their protector,

their provider,

their WORLD

would be healed.

Except Jesus didn’t come

…and their brother died.

My friend, Pastor Ken Hutcherson says,

“Love often waits…

He let two sisters lose a brother,

He let a brother lose his life…

and they all three ended up finding out the difficult lesson

of what it means to let God love you.

They would not have learned the lesson

any other way.”

For what has God made you wait

until you thought your heart would break?

For what are you waiting now,

either for yourself or dear l