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GraceStory attendees find hope and healing through the sacred spaces created within our conferences, various programming, and community. We invite you to be a partner by sponsoring one or more of these opportunities.  Your gift is tax-deductible as GraceStory is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

A GraceStory Conference weekend is a boutique time of nurturing through safe, unjudging community and equipping through evidence-based instructor sessions. Every aspect of conference is designed to model the processing journey: a natural ebb-and-flow of deep dive work coupled with moments of reprieve and joy! You are able to help make that possible through your financial sponsorship; however, you also have the opportunity to receive as you attend as our guest for a time of personal refresh. Please find various ways to partner with us here in our “Inspiring Hope Together” Sponsorship Market.

All “Inspiring Hope Together” Sponsors receive:

2 Conference Tickets ($498 value)

1 Exhibit Space (details below)

2 Social Media Spotlights

1 Inclusion in all Pre- and Post-Session Carousal Slides

1 Mention in Post-Conference Email Campaign

Exhibit Spaces include:

An 8x10 ft space, one 6 or 8 ft table, and 2 chairs

Please read through our Vendor Packet and Policy as you will be responsible for this information.

Questions? Contact Amber at

Note: Please send your logo or preferred ad content to GraceStory no less than 1 month prior to conference start date

for inclusion in advertising (as included with your unique sponsorships).

Conference Sponsor


Conference Sponsorship of one of our yearly men's and women's events is a powerful way to directly impact those who attend by enabling us to keep registration costs at the early registration price!

Sponsorship Includes:

Premium full-page ad in conference booklet

5-minute stage time at conference

Opportunity to collect guest contact info

Logo and link on conference registration page

Logo on conference promotional materials

Production Sponsor


Production Sponsorship covers a professional production team to enable quality sound and on-screen content throughout conference as well as the creation of archive video content for our attendees.

Sponsorship Includes:

A professionally produced 10-30 second reel-style video for your personal/professional use

Video shared on all GraceStory

social media platforms

Video shared in post-conference email campaign

Venue Sponsor


Venue Sponsorship covers the facility costs of the venues in which our twice yearly conferences are held, enabling us to host conferences in safe, accommodating spaces.

Sponsorship Includes:

Large, full-color welcome banner with your logo

Opportunity to share your business information,

logo, and link in a pre-conference email campaign

Pre-Bash Sponsor


Men’s Pre-Bash Sponsorship covers our 5-hour, outdoor event of fun and community. Pre-Bash creates a relaxed, safe environment for attendees to form relationships and build rapport before diving into the deep work of the weekend.

Sponsorship Includes:

Large, full-color welcome banner with your logo

Booth Space during outdoor event
5-minute stage time during first session welcome

Ladies' Night Sponsor


Ladies’ Night Out is a much-anticipated evening of fun community beloved by our attendees. This event creates a relaxed, safe environment for our attendees to form relationships and build rapport in the middle of the deep work of the weekend.

Sponsorship Includes:

Full-screen welcome at the beginning,

intermission, and ending of the event

5-minute stage time during lead-in to the event

Ice Cream Social


Ice Cream Social sponsorship enables us to include pints of Graeter's Ice Cream for each attendee as they head out after a weekend of learning and emotionally full information. This is a "cherry on top" of this much-loved event.

Sponsorship Includes:

Logo printed on signage at distribution station

Opportunity for a company representative to help serve attendees and build connections

Media & Photography


Media and Photography Sponsorship covers a professional media team who works to create social media content and provide quality photography and media content for advertising and community engagement through the year.

Sponsorship Includes:

A professionally produced 10-30 second reel-style video for your personal/professional use

Video shared on all GraceStory

social media platforms

Video shared in post-conference email campaign

Guest Swag Sponsor


Guest Swag Sponsorship enables us to provide a quality, take home gift for each conference attendee. Gift options include a GraceStory t-shirt or quality, GraceStory canvas bag. 

Sponsorship Includes:

Your provided flyer, business card or brochure

given with each gift

Any additional gifts, literature, or discounts you would like to be included (within GS Core Values, Beliefs, and Mission alignment)

Green Room Sponsor


Green Room Sponsorship enables us to provide meals and snacks for our speakers and personnel. It also covers the cost of facility rental and green room staff lodging.

Sponsorship Includes:

Your logo displayed on signage in the Green Room and VIP spaces

Booklet Sponsor


Booklet Sponsorship covers the design and printing costs of our conference booklet. This is used by attendees throughout the weekend as a reference and for notes and includes key information and sponsor ads.

Sponsorship Includes:

Your business ad featured prominently in the booklet

Your logo included on signage at Registration

(where booklets are distributed)

Session Sponsor


Session Sponsors may choose to sponsor any specific conference session on a first come, first serve basis. Sponsorship covers speaker honorarium, travel/lodging, and welcome gift. Worship sponsorship is available for an additional $1,000.

Sponsorship Includes:

Your logo included on-screen in sponsored sessionYour logo included on digital archive footage

Shout-out from Worship team (worship only)

Coffee Shop Sponsor


Coffee Shop Sponsorship enables us to provide complimentary coffee throughout the conference for attendees and personnel.

Sponsorship Includes:

Your business logo and website printed on a sticker on each coffee cup

Your logo on signage at the coffee shop area


Upon completion of your registration, your information will be submitted to our Sponsor Coordinator. They will be in touch to confirm that your desired sponsorship is available and to provide you with any additional information necessary.

Thanks for submitting! Our team will be in touch soon.

Listen as Donna shares what GraceStory has meant to her and why your gift has a lasting, kingdom impact!

You can make an impact today through a one-time, online donation. Gifts by mail can be sent to: GraceStory Ministries, 4575 Mink Run Road, Frankfort, KY 40601

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