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Counselor Referral Network

At GraceStory Ministries, our mission is to connect you with resources that equip you for the journey of restoration. If you would like to connect to a counselor in your area, please reference our list of recommended counselors and life coaches.

If there isn't a practice in your area, we recommend the Focus on the Family counseling network as a resource.

Note: Each counselor is unique in their practice and approach. While GraceStory makes every effort to vet the counselors we refer, we recommend that you do your own due diligence and pursue your counseling journey with informed discretion.

Recommended Coaches

Certified Life & Mental Health Coaches recommended by the GraceStory team


Dr. Tim Barber


Executive Director, Clinical Director

Rebecca Miller.png

Rebecca Miller

LPCC-S, CSAT, CPTT, CTTP-II, DARTT Trauma Specialist, Partner Specialist

There is a space between no longer and not yet – that lonely place where we are no longer able to go on as we have been, but we have not yet found our path forward. GraceStory is finding a way to courageously honor that space, befriending the loneliness with grace and hope.

As mental health professionals specializing in treating the effects of trauma and abuse, we at Counseling Alliance believe that a trauma-informed culture of safety, compassion, and empowerment is fundamental for the healing journey. GraceStory consistently demonstrates commitment to creating such a culture through the provision of safety, the willingness to “suffer together,” and by facilitating access to resources.


Counseling Alliance is honored to fully support and partner with GraceStory in their mission to connect, equip and restore.

Tim Barber & Rebecca Miller

Counseling Alliance PLCC co-owners

New Partnerships

If you have a therapist recommendation - or if you are a counselor, therapist, or coaching provider - we want to hear from you. Help us broaden our counselor referral network by pursuing partnerships with additional resource providers. Connect with us at the link below.

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