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The Name

There is a silence that can bring forth peace and healing,

but by Saturday night,

within the gathering of the followers of Jesus,

their silence was their pain.

By the time the disciples and the women had endured

the numb shock of Friday,

the sting of their first Sabbath without Jesus

and a long and painful Saturday night,

the silence had become palpable,

nearly deafening in its intensity.

I envision them sitting together

yet so all alone,

each pondering their personal

“what if’s”,

“what might have beens” and

“Why didn’t I’s”

that can bring about a sense of remorse and regret

that could smother their

(and our)

very souls.

I picture listless sleep as they try not to think about

the horror of yesterday,

the encompassing sadness of today

and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

In the silence I’m sure they wondered how tomorrow could dawn…

But it did dawn and with it Mary Magdalene, silently creeping through the first light to be near Jesus.

Because the Sabbath was nearing on Friday evening, Jewish law had forbid them from completing their

task of preparing the body for burial. At dawn she came to finish her last act of love and devotion to


But in the quietness of her thoughts, her determination to DO something in her grief, another shock

was to beset her. When Mary arrived at the tomb, the only place in the world she could be near her Beloved,

she found the stone rolled away…

the body gone….

And Mary, who had stood so courageously at the foot of the Cross while He bled and died,

Mary, who had bravely crept out before dawn to serve Him one last time…

Mary was done

… spent


And the silence of the cemetery was broken as

she stood at the tomb and she wept.

I wonder if she wept not only for the fact that His body was gone

but for

the carnage she had witnessed Thursday night and Friday,

her helplessness,

her dread in facing a future without

her friend,

her lifeline,

her Savior.

And so, she wept.

In John, chapter 20 it says:

Jesus spoke to her, “Woman, why do you weep? Who are you looking for?”

She, thinking that he was the gardener, said, “Mister, if you took him, tell me where you put him

so I can care for him.”

Jesus said, “Mary.”


He spoke her name

and the sound of it caused

her silent, broken heart

to leap,

to heal,

to sing.

The very sound of Jesus saying her name and she fell at His feet, exclaiming “Teacher!”

Seconds ago,

drowning in hopelessness,



and confusion,

the mere mention of her name

from the lips of the Risen Lord

changed everything…



I hope that in the midst of the family gatherings, the Easter candy (I have to confess, I LOVE Peeps!) and

even in the midst of the great hallelujah celebration that is Resurrection Sunday that you will take a

moment to think of times in your past

…maybe even at this moment

… when silent despair threatened to overtake you…

I pray that you will let the silence be FOREVER broken

by being attuned to Him,

your Master,

your Teacher,

your Savior,

the Risen Lord

calling you by name.


Kathy A. Sprinkle


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