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May 5-6 2023 | Whitewater Crossing | Cleves, OH

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Men's Conference 2023

The first GraceStory Men's Conference will be held at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church in Cleves, OH, on May 5-6, 2023! Featuring GraceStory personalities Nate Davison, Amber Jones, and Ryan Watters along with guest storytellers and expert instructors. 

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Conference Schedule


Session 1  |  5:00 PM

Worship                               Out of the Dust

Instructor                               Ryan Watters
                                     Facing Reality at All Costs

Session 2  |  7:00 PM

Worship                               Out of the Dust

Instructor                             Kathy Sprinkle
                                  Getting Your Story Straight


Session 3  |  9:00 AM

Worship                               Out of the Dust

Storyteller                                Jerrad Lopes
           It's Not Too Late: Choosing Your Marriage

Out of the Dust.png

Out of the Dust

Husband-and-wife Chris and Steph Teague's story of downfall, divorce, and miraculous remarriage is woven deep into their artistry that has blossomed into a worldwide ministry. Their multi-genre songwriting catalog reveals the hearts of two true lovers of music who are broken, healed and called to help others make sense of their suffering. Using music as the platform, they continue to tour and take steps of faith with contagious joy as they spread the message of hope to a world

desperately in need.

Ryan Watters.jpg

Ryan Watters

Ryan Watters is a Licensed Professional Counselor with specializations in Sex Addiction Therapy and Development and Relational Trauma. His training has equipped him to help individuals restore hope, build new foundations, and equip them with the tools required to heal and flourish. Having shared regularly as an instructor on our GraceStory Podcast, Ryan is leading from vulnerability as he steps into the role of storyteller, sharing his own journey of restoration from overwhelming grief at the early loss of his father.


Kathy Sprinkle

Kathy Sprinkle is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, EMDR specialist, and Development and Relational Trauma Therapist. After decades as a Social Worker working with at-risk youth and dysfunctional families, she joined the staff of Counseling Alliance. Her love of people, compassion, creative counseling techniques and team approach to therapy are at the core of her counseling philosophy

Jerrad Lopes.jpg

Jerrad Lopes

Jerrad Lopes is a best-selling author, international speaker, and host of the Dad Tired Podcast. Lopes has become one of the most influential voices in the Christian parenting space and has been featured on Focus on The Family, The Hallmark Channel, The Mike Huckabee Show, and many other media outlets. Through his speaking and Dad Tired ministry, he has partnered with thought leaders like Gary Chapman, Paul Tripp, and Bob Goff to equip men for the

sake of the Gospel.

Session 4  |  10:40 AM

Instructor                             Dr. Tim Barber


Session 5  |  2:00 PM

Worship                               Out of the Dust

Instructor                               Dr. John Trent
                                                           The Blessing

Session 6  |  4:30 PM

Worship                               Out of the Dust

Instructor                                       Tim Keep
                                              Reintroducing Jesus


Dr. Tim Barber

Dr. Tim Barber is the Executive and Clinical Director of Counseling Alliance LLC. After 22 years in ministry, he made a transition into clinical mental health and teaching. Tim is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, EDMR specialist, and has advanced training in working with couples. Dr. Barber has the skills and knowledge to provide hope and create a vision for a different life.

John Trent.jpeg

Dr. John Trent

Dr. John Trent is the founder of Strong Families and author, with Gary Smalley, of a book called “The Blessing.” Strong Families exists to encourage, strengthen, and help couples and families build great relationships. The Blessing is at the core of everything Strong Families does, helping people live out the elements of the blessing in their own lives.

Tim Keep.JPG

Tim Keep

Timothy Keep is the founder of Shepherds Global Classroom, an organization with a mission to provide curriculum for the training of underserved pastors and the establishment of indigenous classrooms around the world. He and his wife, Rebecca, have invested 26 years in cross-cultural ministry, 13 of these years in the Philippines, and 12 as Director for Bible Methodist Missions. Tim is passionate about training and equipping rising Christian leaders around the world.

Nate Davison.jpg

Nate Davison

Nate Davison is the Community Director at GraceStory Ministries, and host of the GraceStory Podcast. He is a Registered Nurse and holds a Master of Science in Nursing Administration and a Master of Business Administration. He is an advocate for mental health and has a passion for holistic care and lifelong learning. Nate is the listening ear of GraceStory Ministries, connecting with our community members to ensure that the ministry is meeting the needs of those on their journey of restoration.

Session 7  |  5:30 PM

Closing Challenge                  Nate Davison
                                                          Finding Abba

Men's Schedule

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