At GraceStory Ministries, our mission is to connect you with resources that equip you for the journey of restoration. If you would like to connect to a counselor in your area, click here.

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As those created in the image of a Triune God, we flourish best when we are walking alongside others of like faith, pursuing wholeness and holiness together. GraceStory's resources - not only the annual conference, but also their podcast and online community - foster an environment conducive for personal growth and healing.

Dr. Andrew Graham

Licensed Counselor, Author, Speaker


The GraceStory team is passionate about setting people free, and every detail of everything they do is prayerfully and lovingly put together. If you have trauma that you know needs attention and healing, you could not be in safer hands in which to begin your journey.

Rosie Makinney

Author, Founder of Fight for Love Ministries

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In a world where brokenness is around every corner - where feelings of loneliness and heartache abound - GraceStory has filled a tremendous need! It's clear to see that their mission is to provide a safe place for the hurting and broken, and to provide hope and healing wherever they can. What they do matters!

Kent Stetler

Executive Director, Youth Challenge



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